Video Yearbooks


In the past decade video yearbooks have been dramatically increasing in popularity due to their verstile and interactive nature. The video yearbook’s DVD format is simple, universal, and guaranteed for a lifetime, making it the perfect choice for preserving memories – including some of the most important spring events like Prom and Graduation


For over 20 years Visiontech has been an industry leader in the production of video yearbooks. We are proud to offer some of the industry’s most personable and attentive customer service. We have a professional staff of photographers, videographers, and graphic deisngers to support all your needs. Along with resonable rates, and a passion for detail, we make sure that every video yearbook is produced to the highest standards.


In addition to a high-quality DVD, your students will also gain a wonderful learning experience. We’ll work closely with you and your student staff to help guide them through the finer points of video production, videography, script-writing, and narration. Our educational program teaches the students a real world lesson in team work, and gives them the opportunity to become proficient in career-based production skills – all at no additional costs to you!

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