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Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. They help their customers create, deliver, and optimize content and applications.

This website touts itselfs as being the site with “everything you need to be a better journalist,” and it seems to be true.  From helping students and teachers learn to write a better feature to providing great ways to deal with tough situations, this site provides a professional stance on what high school journalists are doing in the world today. Professional journalists provide advice and often amusing solutions.

Visitors to this site will find an extensive list of professional journalism websites. Although they deal mostly with newspapers, it is an excellent starting point for research if your students are covering a current event or creating their own mini-mag.

The official site of the Student Press Law Center, this site offers advice to students and advisers dealing with legal issues.  From First Amendment advice to providing lawyers to advisers and students in need of legal representation, this site has advice in any area dealing with the copyright laws, plagiarism, libel, and invasion of privacy, and how they apply to your state.

This site has 75 lesson plans on high school journalism. While offers more lesson plans, promises to add more lesson plans as they become available.

This site offers excellent ideas for font usage, photo illustrations and compositions. It also can provide inspiration for yearbook design.

This official site of the Society of Publications Designers is an excellent source for seeing how the professionals design. A perfect place for anyone interested in making their publication look more professional.

See a collection of student work in design, illustration and photography that is updated every quarter. An excellent site to visit for anyone needing design ideas.

Broaden your resources by using this site to find links to other design sites and companies.

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