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With over 20 years devoted to the yearbook industry we are confident that we can meet and exceed your needs for eye-catching, professional yearbooks at a much more reasonable cost than our competitors. We are proud of the consistent, educated, and personable customer service that we provide our clients year after year. And most of all, we delight in dlivering high-quality yearbooks that will last a lifetime.


You’ll always get a consistent, color-balanced, and quality-checked yearbook. We run your entire book at one time giving us greater control over the quality and color. Other yearbook companies may run your yearbooks in multiple sections, weeks apart from each other, affecting the quality of the book and cutting their costs. We at Visiontech never sacrifice quality for cost.

Other yearbook companies develop proprietary software that they require you use. Outside of designing a yearbook for them to print, the software has no other practicle use. Meanwhile, your students lose a valuable opportunity to learn a career-building skill.

With Visiontech, you’ll receive our brand new V-Tools for your students to use when designing their yearbook. These easy-to-use yearbooks tools work with InDesign. The V-Tools will effectively focus your students on the tasks at hand and help to maximize production. Your students will learn to use a real-world application which will benefit them in their future careers.

We are dedicated to providing you and your yearbook staff with the finest customer service available. We have a professional staff of photographers, videographers, and graphic designers to support all your needs. We take special pride in teaching your students production fundamentals that will help them excel in design, layout, and time management skills. We are always available to assist them with any issue.

When it comes time to make your decision about yearbook printing, make a decision that will not only make you the toast of the staff and student body, but of the budget committee as well. Decide on Visiontech.


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